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Top 10 NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2021 – Part 4


After the vintage year for indie gaming we saw in 2020, 2021 is looking ripe for being
yet another magnificent time for brand spanking new indie game releases.
Welcome another time to urge Indie Gaming and episode 4 of 5 in our annual series where
we showcase a number of the best-looking indie games expected out this year we expect you’ll
want to see out and increase your Wishlist.
Let’s begin and in no particular order with Weird West, which is that the first game from WolfEye
Studios which incorporates alumni from Arkane whose previous credits comprise such games
as Prey, Thief and Dishonoured.
Weird West was first shown off at the 2019 Game Awards with it promising a chic looking
top-down RPG adventure that reimagines the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers alike
share the dusty frontier with what the press kit calls a mess of fantastical creatures.
We’ve not seen an excessive amount of on this since the initial reveal back in late 2019 and a quick
appearance at the PC gaming show within the summer of last year although from what we’ve seen,
Weird West looks strangely compelling with its isometric playstyle and distinctly dank
and grimy aesthetic including a trailer that in places is somewhat uncomfortable to
look at.
Either way, we’re excited to ascertain what the parents at WolfEye do with this one with it
being published by the always and ever reliable Devolver Digital with it said to be coming
soon onto PC with other platforms to be advised.
At number 9 and expected call at March, Tunche is a beautiful looking hand drawn adventure
beat em up with a deep rooted story, rogue like elements couch co-op options for up to
4 players, always a winner for us here at Get Indie Gaming also as little pinch of
what the devleopers are calling Shaman witchcraft.
Now all of that sounds an awful lot although we’re super keen to seek out out how it all
The devleopers have mentioned Tunche will feature a high-risk high-reward combat system
and with 5 different playable characters, players are going to be ready to ready to pick and choose
a character that most accurately fits their sort of play.
Tunche is one among the sole pure brawler games with a twist here and there expected call at
2021 that’s thus far caught our eye with it coming to PC, Playstation, Xbox and therefore the Nintendo
Switch Consoles.
Up next, at number 8 Shady Knight which dropped into our email box by way of a viewer a couple of
days ago before this video went live.
There’s something happening here with the fluidity of the character movements that feel
and look pretty darn incredible.
The game’s getting to be a primary person melee title with fluid platforming and from this
we think early footage it’s certainly headed considerably within the right direction to nail that
kind of gameplay and overall aesthetic.
While we expect this could be somewhat of a push in calling this as having a possible
release time-frame within 2021, we’re wanted to supply it with just a touch signal boost
and if this type of game are some things you wish the design of and need to ascertain more from,
let us know down within the comments while also clicking that Wishlist button on the steam
homepage and like all of the games during this rundown, you’ll find a link to the Steam
or associated homepage down within the video description.
Coming up at number 7 and something we expect is probably going to travel down very well with it expected
out at some point this year, The Last Faith is an action scrapper of a side scrolling
exploration based Metriodvania with a dark and brooding overall Gothic horror visual
In some ways it reminds us of Blasphemous and a couple of other games from recent years such
as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Aside from the pixel art work and wonderfully rendered backgrounds, The Last Faith has made
it into our yearly ones to observe rundown series in terms of it’s combat where the developers
are promising a satisfying reactive combat system with an outsized number of various and
distinctive weapons where players are ready to use special buffs to reinforce their abilities
while also having access to a spread of magic spells to further increase your combat ability.
There’s something deliciously creepy about all of this with it coming to PC and maybe
other platforms if the press kit is all present and proper , we believe at some point later
this year.
At number 6 and therefore the latest from Fullbright who you’ll remember gave us Gone Home and
Tacoma – Open Roads is schuedled for release within 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.
Now this has only recently been annocuned with it featuring at the sport Awards back
in December of last year with it likely to deliver upon a mystery-thriller premise with
it featuring a mother-daughter road trip with the 2 heading bent discover a series of
long-abandoned family properties while unearthing variety of mysteries and stories far darker
than either of the pair of travellers could have imagined.
Using a person perspective along side a singular interactive dialogue system
that keeps the narrative ticking along we suspect if it’s anything as magical as what’s
come from Fullbright before, then Open roads is an odds on favourite for our game of the
year countdown come the top of the year.
At number 5 we’ve yet one more stunningly beautiful game with Venba telling the story
of an Indian Immigrant family having moved to Canada within the 1980s with it looking to
share and tell a story about the trials and difficulties in moving somewhere new, starting
over all the while trying to form a special country your home.
Essentially it’s a narrative cooking game with it having numerous branching conversations
exploring different themes and challenges you and your family face in their day to day
It’s all about love, family, loss, cooking and more.
Venba should be coming to PC in November.
Expected out early doors this 2021, up next at number 4 we’ve one among those game’s
likely to separate our viewer’s somewhere right down the center .
Now this is often likely to be proper Marmite material, here’s hoping that reference works outside
of the united kingdom where you’re either a lover or other wise, these quite games don’t seem to
have an excessive amount of within the way of a middle ground and that’s seemingly just the way it’s .
Raptor Boyfriend a highschool Romance comes from developer Rocket Adrift with it being
a dating SIM and visual novel featuring a shy and awkward teenager trying to find a spot
of romance in within an alternate reality 1990s highschool.
It looks kinda quirky and comes with a cast of loveable looking humans and creatures such
as a classy looking velociraptor, big foot and a fairy.
Said to return with a branching story that’s filled with heartfelt romances, this seems like
something that’s fun, not too serious and something we’d get through the hours come
the end of the working day.
Raptor Boyfriend – A highschool Romance are going to be headed to PC via Steam with it screaming
for a port onto the Switch at somepoint soon after it’s initial release.
At number three and scheduled for a launch between April and June, Book of Travels is
what the developers are calling a small and yet massive multi player on line experience
all within what seems a richly painted detailed art style.
Inspired by classics of the genre, the aim here is for players to urge out and about into
the world to hunt out new places and other players although you’re likely to be encouraged
to play the sport in your own personal style and undertake your own sometimes , private journey.
Book of Travels may be a truly fascinating concept with it dripping with a fairy tale like promise.
There seems to be such a lot going and yet we’re not all at once too sure what all of that
actually is.
There’s the maximum amount we don’t realize this as we all know so getting an extra look and maybe
a play of this asap is supremely high on our New Year’s to try to to list.
Book of travels looks everybit the captivating enigma with it coming to PC via Steam.
At number 2 and maybe out sooner instead of later, Season was another late within the
year just gone announcement with it like Open Roads from earlier getting a premier at the
December 2020 Game awards.
Like Open Roads Season is additionally supported a road trip and yet here, you’ll be following
a third person journey within what promises to be an atmospheric bicycle adventure.
Having left a secluded community, you’ll travel, document, photgraph, draw and record
your life along the road as you undertake a search to get a replacement world while you
uncover different societies you meet along the way and add up of the planet around
you, which is predicated on an alternate and surreal version of the mid twentieth century where
little technical progress has been made in thousands of years.
Season looks astonishing and is coming to PlayStation and PC we expect , relatively soon.
At no 1 and coming from Amanita Design, Happy Game may be a horror game inspired by psychodelia
where a touch boy has fallen asleep into a horrible nightmare.
Your tasked with making him happy once more and given this comes from the developers behind
Botanicula, Churchal and Creaks, we’re expecting some extent and click on puzzle hidden object game
that on the face of things looks all of bit mildly disturbing.
Happy Game is predicted out at some point within the spring onto PC and therefore the Nintendo Switch.
So there we go, with just one more episode in our 2021 indie game to observe out for series
is there anything apart from Silksong we’ve yet to hide you’re most looking forward
to seing?

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